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Urban Sculptures For Empowerment

U-Channel posts are all over NYC; they are used to tell us where to park, when to slow down, and alert us to danger. Their foundation makes them an excellent low-cost vehicle for community art sculptures in communities like my own that are left to their own devices, sometimes seeming in a state of urban decay.


Urban sculpture is about taking common everyday objects (u-channel posts, aluminum, or wood) and turning them into pieces with the power to empower, beautify, and question. It's also about creating a framework so that others in the community have the opportunity to create art in their own community. It's about people in a community being able to create art themselves without waiting for commissions, funding, or government agencies. 


The Urban Sculptures I have developed are being used as a tool to empower, share knowledge, revitalize public spaces, democratize design, and foster cross-cultural conversations. 




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