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As the unofficial Artist In Residence in my district, what can I accomplish?

I spent the last 10 years in my district working on projects to address issues from revitalization to equality.  I select the projects based on my observations and conversations with my community

  • Engaged over 10,000 community members in the revitalization of 40,000 square feet of spaces under LIRR overpasses. Revitalization included 11 murals, new sidewalks, 20 public sculptures, the removal of over 5 tons of garbage, and LIRR infrastructure upgrades

  • Revitalization of 20,000 square feet of public space into community gardens or sculpture parks through private, business, and city partnerships. 

  • Educated over 13,000 public school students in design and fabrication helping to build STEAM, leadership, and problem-solving skills. These relationships and skillsets were instrumental in printing PPE for hospitals during the early phase of COVID

  • Created a community magazine to feature small businesses. The magazine led to television and paper features, increased revenue, and new customers.

  • Storefront initiative to reduce vacancies led to new tenants and press for local businesses.

  • Developed relations with NYC Parks, local police stations, DOT, Department of Sanitation, SBS NYC, NYC Services, and other city agencies to address community issues.

  • Trained 250 women in the use of construction tools, network development, and skill-sharing which led several women to get full-time work.

  • Designed innovative solutions such as hoops on public garbage cans that light up to combat litter, transportation safety card game to change behaviors, and 3D immersive experiences for reimagining communities,

  • Trained over 30 CUNY interns in 3D modeling, photoshop, illustrator, and Sketchup which helped students garner full-time opportunities within the public/private sector,.

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