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Wood, Steel, and plastic




The project started with a personal question? It later evolved into a new, more specific question: How can I collaboratively build with my community while empowering myself and other women?



Upon completion, It became a mobile tea and Zen garden where I hosted over 60 women from around the world to discuss issues from empowerment to domestic violence.



It became a design studio where together we learned to design and build furniture.



It will become a collaborative sculpting space to sculpt with clay and connect.



This project has involved over 250 women who have learned skills and shared what they know in their communities. It has involved us growing our skills using tools and yielded a tea studio, furniture design studio, and this upcoming spring a collaborative sculpture studio. It has inspired videos around domestic abuse and brought monitoring equipment to women who feel scared sleeping in rooms next to windows. It has brought new jobs to women looking for work that improves their income and helps others.


What is my relationship to tools?

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