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The 4X4 Mural Project Location

4x4 Mural Project

What is the 4x4 Mural Project?

The current standard practice of public outdoor mural art is not easily accessible to many people, including seniors, people with mental/physical disabilities, and those without resources/opportunities. The current practice of art is to rarely include those with a disability in the subject matter of the art.

We wondered if there was a way to democratize the process of mural-making to have more diverse voices represented in public spaces. And, we wondered if there was a way to have more people with disabilities included in artwork to help make them more visible in society.  We also wondered if there was a way to create murals that were not only visual but accessible to those with a visual impairment.

To investigate these questions, we started The 4x4 Mural Project. We will share tools and materials which allow participants to paint their murals indoors. We will also provide opportunities to develop skills, and assist with the installation.

All you have to do is think about how to incorporate disability and/or accessibility into your work.  I want to see more people with disabilities in the subject matter of public art.  The more disability is incorporated into the work the more people like me will not sit outside of the mainstream.  Public art can be pivotal in helping change the mindsets of others as it relates to those with a disability.  It can also help shape a new visual language for those with a disability.

What's in it for you?

  • Mural fabric paper and printing for free
    You will receive 4x4 feet mural fabric paper with your design outlines printed on free of charge, which usually costs $70 + tax and shipping. We provide file preparation for printing process for free as well.

  • Installation assistance for free
    You can install it in a public space of your choice, or we have a spot for you in Elmhurst, NY. Installation assistance can cost you $100/per hour, but we will do it for free.

  • Access to the mural-making knowledge library
    You will have access to the knowledge library which we will collectively build through the Polaroid Mural Project. All the participants will share their expertise and experiences of mural making for this library so that we can all learn from each other.

  • Adding a public art piece to your portfolio
    This is a great opportunity for artists who want to gain experience in public art and add an outdoor mural piece to their portfolio and contribute to the community.

  • Adding a public art piece to your portfolioThis is a great opportunity for artists who want to gain experience in public art and add an outdoor mural piece to their portfolio and contribute to the community.


Why the 4x4 Mural Project?

In our past outdoor mural projects, we experienced many challenges: the cost of the paint is expensive, the weather is always changing, and the process of laying out a design on the wall using a projector or stencils is very time-consuming. And, when someone is funding you, sometimes they want to influence your voice.

​We bought a large printer and mural fabric paper to address this situation. These tools made it easy for us to layout our large scale design, paint it indoors, and use less paint.

We want to share these tools we now have as long as our resources last, and help other creative people so that we can work together to make our community a better place where all voices can be heard.


How to participate

Submit your design from the form at the bottom of this page. Then, pick up a 4x4 foot mural fabric paper from our studio in Rego Park, NY. You can paint your design at home, studio, or wherever works best for you. We do not mail the paper to you, but if you have any problems picking it up, give us a call and we will discuss the logistics.

You have a month to complete the painting. It is not limited to professional artists. Everyone is invited to submit a design.


You can install your mural along with other 4x4 Murals on the wall on Horace Harding in Elmhurst, NY, or choose a public space in the community you want to contribute. If you choose a spot keep the printed credit “The 4x4 Mural Project” in the white frame visible and legible. Once you install the mural, take a photo of it, send it to us with the address of the location. And please post it online with the hashtag #4x4MuralProject so that more people will learn about this opportunity!


File requirements for submission

  1. Low-resolution JPG file of your design

  2. If you want the draft of your design printed on the paper, submit outlined version of your design.


Design requirements

  • You can make all the artistic decisions such as the subject matter (as long as it incorporates disability in the concept), theme, colors, and styles. We will discuss the design with you to make sure it is suitable for the space.

  • You can use any medium you want as long as it is two-dimensional, durable and for outdoor-use.

Your Responsibility


1. Upload low-resolution JPG of your design


2. Upload outlined version of your design for us to print on the mural fabric paper (optional)


3. Pick up your paper and complete the mural

polaroid mural mockup

4. Install your mural with our help

What we do:


1. Paint the white frame and prepare your spot on the wall


2. Provide mural fabric paper


3. Print your draft (outlined file) on the mural fabric paper (optional)

polaroid mural mockup

4. Help you install your mural


Which paint should I use?

Typically we use exterior paint to create outdoor murals. However, feel free to experiment with different medium. Just make sure it is for outdoor use, UV-resistant, and weather-proof. You could also achieve this by applying two coats over your artwork: first coat with Golden Soft Gel Gloss or Liquitex Matte Medium, then top coat with Golden MSA Acrylic Varnish. This website has many useful tips on this topic:

Why do I need to submit an outlined design?

This is required only if you want us to print the draft of your design on the mural fabric paper to paint over. If you prefer to draw the draft directly on the paper, or use your own projector or any other tools, you can do so and no need to submit the outlines for us to print.

What is the mural fabric paper?

It is a self adhesive polyester fabric material that can be printed and painted on. It can be used outdoors, and you do not need to seal your artwork if you are using medium for outdoor use. It is called Kodak Phototex, you can find more information and specification here

Submit Your Design
Where are you planning to install your mural?

Thanks for submitting!

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