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Alderton House Project

How can I create when i have no studio? How can I create when I feel disconnected from my community? I started by turning my basement into a space for connecting and growing my community through art.  I invited the community in to envision a new underpass in my community. From this envisioning came an underpass gallery right in the middle of my community, complete with glorious trees that showed photos of my community. I went outside with the community over the course of 5 weeks, showing them how to use Diana F + cameras, how to create blurs, over exposures, under exposures, and to capture our beloved neighborhood. Then, with the community, we chose three photos taken by the community and two of my own. They were then mounted on Sintra board and became the basis for the underpass. They later became the foundation that the MTA requires for any other installation put up on their walls. 

I went into schools in my community and taught art, photography, design, and construction. I went into senior centers and used illustration and photography as a tool to document issues seniors face and for them to share knowledge they have gained.

Over the last ten years I have created projects in Elmhurst, Corona, Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Jamaica, and Laurelton. For each project i open a space in my home for conversation, contemplation, and creation. My children hop over 2x4's that I sometimes trip over, serving as a constant reminder that I am creating; I am a part of something bigger than myself.

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