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Artist Frameworks

These frameworks are developed for artists to address the scarcity mindset, be empowered, and come together to present art.

Artist Open Call Framework

Through the Artist Open Call, artists self-select to participate in opportunities, rejecting the traditional selection process as hierarchical and driven by a scarcity mindset. Artists meet weekly to build trust and connections through Zoom or in-person conversations. This preparatory exploration then impacts the creative process on-site.

It has been prototyped at A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY and Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT.

Download the Artist Open Call Framework here.

Shows developed using Artist Open Call Framework

Artist as Collector Collection Framework

Institutions and collectors have long acted as gatekeepers of art history, culture, and value. Within the Artist as Collector framework, artists are part of the process of deciding what art is remembered. Through a stewardship module formed by a small group, the artist selects the art and becomes its steward. Focused on mutual generosity, this model acknowledges the artist as art historian, collector, and innovator.

Download the Artist as Collector Framework, here.

Collections developed using Artist as Collector Collection Framework

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